YeoMama Club:
Adelene Chua-Adams

Meet Adelene and her beautiful family - Ben, Jake, and Charlotte.
This isn't your average 9-5 crew. This power couple thrives in the fitness world, each with their own unique business.

But what truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to family. Discover the magic behind their ability to not only excel in their fitness ventures but also cultivate a loving environment where time for the family takes precedence.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your household? What does your morning routine look like?

Mornings can be pretty hectic with two little kids and two dogs! Luckily the kids aren’t early risers so we typically get everyone up at about 7:30. Ben will walk the dogs while the kids and I have breakfast. Then it’s usually a mad scramble to get everyone to brush their teeth, get dressed etc - then we either walk or drive to Jake’s school. Charlotte follows along and will be starting at the same preschool as well. After drop off we can exhale a bit and get packed for our days at our businesses.

What are some of the favourite activities or games you enjoy doing together as a family?

The kids really love a mix of being home and out. They’ll happily chill and watch tv, or do painting or ball games at home. But they also really love being out and about. We like to try out new playgrounds, be outdoors, or even just simple quality time like going to the shops together. We especially love the beach! Lately, little charlotte has learned to ride her scooter by herself so that opens up more things for us to do.

How do you find a balance between your work responsibilities and being a parent to 2 beautiful and active children under the age of 4?

There are pros and cons to having less traditional businesses like ours (I run and teach at my aerial studio, Adedance Aerial while Ben owns and runs an F45 gym). We are able to be home more during traditional 9-5 hours, but equally we are out a lot more than usual during the time most other parents would be home because we have to coach sessions. Ultimately we put the kids and spending time with them first. We don’t think we’ll be on our death-bed one day wishing we’d work harder! So between us we arrange our schedules to not work the same nights, so at least one of us is always home. And when we are all together we try to do stuff for the kids, even if we are super tired. Admin for the businesses is then usually squeezed in after the kids sleep or whenever we can grab time.

How do y’all keep the love alive and stay connected in the midst of everyday life?


Making so much time for the kids means it’s a challenge to make time for each other… sometimes it’s about grabbing small moments as they present themselves. It can be a small gesture or taking advantage of rare quiet times. We are a very affectionate family so we crave that connection and contact. Otherwise it’s about making effort. Sure you can be busy, tired - but it’s important to plan nice things like date nights to show your love and have some time together… even though we usually end up talking about work and the kids!

What's the motto or life philosophy you live by when it comes to your family?

Love one another, always show your love, and be there for each other.

When you hear "YeoMama Batik", what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Bright. Fun. Colourful. A connection to our family ♡