YeoMama Club:
Carrie Sim

Meet Carrie, your resident UK14 mid-sized Queen and the ultimate big sis on the internet.

She's been a part of the digital world since the age of 11, sharing her personal life and captivating travel diaries with her online audience. Now, she's embarked on a profound self-love adventure, navigating the delicate balance between being a nurturing, loving big sis to her online community while also honoring her own boundaries and well-being. 

Tell us about yourself

I'm Carrie, your resident UK14 mid-sized Queen and YeoMama Batik fan girl. My incredible self-love journey has transformed me into someone I'm proud of, inspiring others through confidence and fashion along the way.

What does a regular ‘day in the life of Carrie’ look like?

Every day holds a new mission for me. While I maintain some routines like skincare and bed-making, the rest of my day adapts to its unique demands. Weekdays start with task planning on my Notion board for work, ensuring I have time for meaningful interactions and activities. Weekends strike a balance between personal time for writing social media content, inspiring meetups (like the recent YeoMama Batik event at Hathaway), or cherished moments with friends.

What inspired you to start sharing your experiences as a body positivity advocate?

Cheryl introduced me to body positivity through Rock the Naked Truth some years ago, and I began documenting my journey on my blog. I faced challenges as stress caused weight gain and poor coping mechanisms. After leaving my high-stress job, I took responsibility for myself, changed my perspective on life, health, coping mechanisms, and stopped self-hate.

I started creating videos in cute clothes, finding purpose and self-understanding of who I really am. This process improved my self-image and self-worth beyond productivity or appearance. I'm learning to embrace "I am enough" while continually improving for myself, not seeking approval from others.

How do you navigate societal pressures and stereotypes surrounding body image as a mid-sized queen?

I've been fortunate to avoid the scale of trolling many body positivity creators face, but I'm aware of the risk of judgment when putting myself out there. I focus on controlling the energy I project and work on handling triggers and responses, seeking therapy for support. I've had my share of failures and learned from them.

When I share content about my body image, I've noticed it can bring both sympathy and judgment. I prefer connecting with like-minded people and inspiring them, so I reserve such discussions for safer spaces. I balance what I share online for my well-being.For topics with room for misinterpretation, like reels, I opt for a lighthearted approach through my fashion choices.

What advice do you have for individuals who struggle with self-acceptance due to body image issues?

Embracing our insecurities and building confidence is an ongoing journey. It's okay not to always feel positive about your body. The path to self-acceptance isn't linear; it has its highs and lows. Today, you may feel confident in an outfit, but tomorrow, your confidence may wane.

During those low moments, remember to keep moving forward. You don't have to force change, but acknowledge your feelings and keep trying. Sharing with trusted friends can also provide valuable support.

What is your mantra in life?

In this season of my life, my mantra is: "No need to rush to the goal. I'm on my way. Trust and learn to enjoy the process.”

If you were to describe YeoMama Batik in one sentence, what would it be?

YeoMama Batik is like bright sunshine after a rainy day and a loving hug when you feel alone.