YeoMama Club:
Lina Jalil

Meet Lina, the multitasking dynamo and our very own Operations Executive at YeoMama Batik.

Seamlessly blending work and motherhood, Lina shares her journey as a young mom who doesn't give up her own endeavors. Her infectious humor adds a delightful touch to our office, transforming busy days into enjoyable moments for everyone.

Dive deeper into Lina's story and get to know more about her and her wonderful family.

Lina and her family

Tell us a little about who you are.

Hello! I'm Lina, a mom of three wonderful boys and a key player in the packing and customer queries at YeoMama Batik. I'm a pretty easy-going person, preferring to take life as it comes with a positive and relaxed attitude. I also happen to be quite sentimental — I find meaning in experiences, relationships, and memories.

Looks like a very fun household with three kids. If we were to peek into your life for one day what would we see?

Lina and her family

I'd describe it as a bustling weekday during the rush hour! The daily routine involves getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off, my partner (CM) and I preparing for work. After work, CM picks up the kids, we head home, have dinner, catch up on any homework, review spellings, and finally, tuck them in for another day!

How do you unwind and relax after a busy day, and are there specific activities or rituals that help you recharge with your family?

Lina and her family

I'm quite family-oriented, and I prioritize spending quality time with my loved ones. Even before diving back into work life, we've already set aside weekends for the kids. It could be as simple as a movie night or engaging in weekend activities like swimming.

Typically, once our daily grind is over, I enjoy sitting down for a chat with CM about our day. We also unwind by spending some time watching TV before calling it a night.

In what ways has parenthood strengthened your relationship with your husband, and how do you nurture your connection as a couple?

Lina and her family

We kicked off our marriage when we were pretty much kids ourselves, and honestly, those early days were a bit of a wild ride. Balancing being a first-time mom and wife, while figuring out what's best for our kids - it was a real challenge. But as the years have rolled on, and we've grown wiser in how we see things, handle issues, and face our fears as parents, we've found a way to compromise and agree on what's best for our kids' future, despite our different views and parenting approaches.

We consistently keep each other updated and communicate whenever necessary. At the end of the day, I'm confident that he's someone I can rely on when it comes to taking care of our boys.

Can you share some of the joys and surprises you experienced as a young mom that you might not have expected?

Lina and her family

The life of a young mom is filled with unexpected twists, but the moments that stand out proudly in my memory include my eldest making it to a soccer tournament and being chosen for Higher Chinese Language in school, all while being part of a mixed-race family.

Did you face any challenges in finding a balance between pursuing personal goals and meeting the demands of motherhood as a young parent?

My view? I'm incredibly fortunate to have support and assistance from both sides of our family, enabling me to be the best version of myself. Motherhood is a continual learning journey, with each age presenting new phases and lessons. There is something new everyday for me to learn as a parent. I've learned to schedule my time at work, at home, and during off days a month in advance, something I didn't practice during my younger days, haha!

Do you and your husband ever playfully compete with each other to see which traits your children inherit from each of you?

Lina and her family

For fun, yes! But as parents, we recognize that having three kids means dealing with three different personalities and growing phases. We strive not to differentiate among our kids in terms of their growing stages and capabilities.

What’s your parenting mantra or best piece of parenting advice?

Lina and her family

To allow yourself to learn and adapt, find resolutions to any hurdles along the way of life. My personal mantra would be “I'm doing the best I can for my family, and it's enough.”

If you had to describe what it’s like working for YeoMama Batik to a friend what would you say?

Working for YeoMama Batik have been a wholesome experience for me. Indeed it has been an effortlessly fun and colourful journey with the team, engaging with each other that creates a strong bond among us and our customers.