Batik Madura for Chinese New Year 2023

Batik Madura in the making

Colourful, vibrant, bright - that’s Batik Madura (pronounced as ma · duor · ruh) for you! Madura is an island located in the East of Java. And, if you are wondering what Batik Madura is, imagine floral motifs hand drawn in the most eye-catching myriad of colours on Batik fabric.



Look! We have people of all ages coming together with the fabric making.


Handcrafted with Love

Through the hands of many men and women, elderly and the young, can you believe that these fabrics have been in the making since January this year? We meant it when we said these are hand drawn (also known as Batik Tulis, you can read more about it here). Using a copper canting tool with hot wax, the crafters fill the fabric with lines and dots right from scratch to create beautiful, intricate floral and fauna motifs. It's a complex and time-consuming process but the outcome is an organic and one-of-a-kind design that makes it worth the wait!

Myriad of Colours

One of the main characteristics of Batik Madura is its vivid colours! DUH. Using traditional hand dyeing method, it results in the most amazing hues on the fabric that is so worth the wait!

Hand dyeing Batik Madura

We don’t know about you, but our mood is instantly better after seeing the colours!

You may be wondering, why are we going on and on about this Batik Madura? That’s because our upcoming Chinese New Year collection will be our BIGGEST BATIK TULIS collection yet. And with all that’s being shared above, we decided to name this collection — drumroll please — Wildflower Poetry!

Vivid Batik Tulis On YeoMama Batik Apparel

Can’t wait?  

We are actually previewing the collection at both Boutique Fairs: The Gifting Edition 2022 and The Christmas Atelier.

Boutique Fairs: 
  • Fri, 25 Nov: 10am - 9pm
  • Sat, 26 Nov: 10am - 9pm
  • Sun, 27 Nov: 10am - 6pm 
The Christmas Atelier:
  • Fri, 2 Dec: 11am - 8pm
  • Sat, 3 Dec: 11am - 8pm
  • Sun, 4 Dec: 10am - 6pm


Pssssst… Since you read the whole thing, we will share with you a secret! There will be special pre-launch prices for both events. So, remember to get your tickets and we will see you there 🥳




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