Stop 2. Batik Tulis. Sounds like tulip. Tulips are pretty. We digress.

Batik Tulis is hand drawn batik, where each design is drawn by hand. We repeat, BY HAND. These crafters who does Batik Tulis shall be called superhumans. After hearing that each crafter draws each design and cover it in wax all by hand, our jaws just dropped.

The amount of patience and steadiness needed… We can’t even watch a single Netflix series without being distracted! Each dot and stroke on the fabric is hand drawn one-by-one and not a single detail is missing from the whole cloth.

The design for Batik Tulis is usually decided by the crafters, as we believe they are the masters of the trade. The design’s basic outline will be drawn on the cloth in pencil or pen before the crafters get down to business!

The outline of the design is already this detailed!

The crafters then uses a canting, a tool of various sizes and types, to cover the cloth with hot wax. They then get creative by adding more details to the basic outline such as dots and lines.

canting can have various nozzles and spouts for different designs

Our crafters coating the wax onto the cloth by hand, adding dots and lines to enhance the design! Cantik!

Batik Tulis is considered a premium method as it’s just like custom tailoring your own clothes, where there are no 2 pieces that are the same. Depending on how detailed the design is, completion of the cloth may vary from weeks, months and some even years!

Just look at that effort and details!

The cloth will either be dipped into various dyes or hand dyed, depending on the individual crafter. Now that’s dedication!

Just look at that detailing! The kungfu of our crafters is really amazing! 

Although the process takes a long time, the end result is amazing. Look at all these gorgeous cloths ready to be turned into clothes!

If we ever get a chance to own clothing done via Batik Tulis, we’ll treasure it and be proud to wear it out. 

Do you want to own a Batik Tulis piece now? Our Batik Tulis pieces are only available in-store, so you know what to do! Hehe!

On to our final stop – Handprint Batik!


Written by Kimberly Tay

YeoKimChi of YeoMama Batik Team
October 30, 2019 — Kimberly Tay

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