It’s time for #BatikFunFacts! This time, let’s go on a Batikful journey together – a 3-part feature through our batik-making process. Yay!

Wait, what is Batik again?

For those who don’t know about batik (it’s time you do!), it’s a technique, where the cloth is covered with wax and dyed various colours. There are 3 types of batik processes: Batik Cap (Hand stamped), Batik Tulis (Hand drawn), and Handprint Batik.

Confused? DON’T WORRY, we’ll start with Batik Cap.

Batik Cap (pronounced ‘Chap’) is commonly known as hand stamped batik. The design is carved onto copper caps which is dipped into hot wax (the wax stove has to be at 100 - 130°C!) and stamped onto the cloth. The stamped cloths will then be dipped into a vat of dye, hung dry, and the process is repeated to produce a cloth with various colours.

So the process goes like this:

Hand stamping pattern onto white cloth with hot wax  Dip cloth into dye 1  Hang dry 

Cover desired area with more wax  Dip cloth into dye 2 

Hang Dry 

Soaking in boiling water to remove the wax 

Tadah! Revealing the final product!

We’re amazed at how skilled and patient our crafters are to be able to stand and stamp an average of 20 cloths a day! Not only that, they have the eye-power of an eagle to be able to stamp seamless designs onto the cloth. Power lah!

Even the dyes are handmade, can you believe it?! We have our pantone charts, our crafters have their own “pantone” book.

We believe this book is the ancestor of the pantone colour chart we are all familiar with!

Each of our designs at YeoMama Batik is carefully curated! Take our Dolly Cold Shoulder Batik Dress for example:

It has a border at the waistline! We have previously discussed on motif placements in our clothing here if you'd like to know more.

Since every step is done by hand, there are times where human error can occur such as slight overlapping of design. This can happen during the stamping process, but it’s not a defect! It just means that the one who purchased the design has a unique, one of a kind piece!

This video brings out all our OCD-ness. So calming, therapeutic... then there's the kok kok keh in the background.

That’s all for the first part of our Batikful journey! #themoreyouknow am I right? Next stop – Batik Tulis!


Written by Kimberly Tay

YeoKimchi of YeoMama Batik Team

October 16, 2019 — Kimberly Tay

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