Hello beyeotiful people! It's been awhile since our last blog post and today we are back with important fun facts that we think you need to know!

We will be releasing plenty of batik cheongsams within these weeks (justttt in time for cny) and they all come in a variety of cutting as we try to cater to various body types. 

Amongst all our cheongsams, the figure hugging bodycon cheongsam is one of our classic signature designs and here's a little guide to the fitting of these dresses.

Signature Bodycon Cheongsam
While usual dresses come with one set of darts, our cheongsams are made with two sets of darts for the ultimate hourglass figure.

If you can fit into the cheongsam and zip all the way up but it's tight, you can unstitch a set of back darts and that will give you an extra allowance of almost one inch.

Unstitching two sets of back darts will give you an extra allowance of about 1.5 inches.

1. Xixi Batik Cheongsam
The most tight fitting cheongsam amongst all.

  • Classic piping across chest with mandarin collar button
  • Two sets of back darts
  • Two sets of front darts

2. Poppy Batik Cheongsam
Tight fitting but has more hip allowance because of thigh slit.

  • Mandarin collar button with thigh slit
  • Two sets of back darts
  • Two sets of front darts

3. Peony Batik Cheongsam

The least tight fitting piece amongst all because there's only one set of front darts, giving you slightly more room at the waist.

  • Classic piping with a row of buttons
  • Two sets of back darts
  • One set of front darts

And we know you might be thinking 'how to unstitch the darts?!'
so we got that covered too!

Do take note that we do not do the unstitching of darts. It's fairly simple and we are sure you are capable of doing it :)

We hope the above information helps! If you are worried about the fit, do pop by our boutique. Just for this festive season, we will be extending our boutique operating hours to:

Thurs-Fri : 5pm-9pm
Sat-Sun : 11am-8pm
*until 3 Feb 2019

So see you soon at 183 Jalan Pelikat B1-73!

ps. the above beautiful cheongsams will be launching soon!
pps. unique and chic self-designed batik angbaos will be given for every purchase!

January 14, 2019 — Desleen Yeo

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