From left to right: ladies UK14, mens M, ladies UK10, mens L, mens XL.

Size size size...they say size is just a number, and it shouldn't matter.

But do you know that sizing matters alot to us? Do you know it has a huge impact on our production line?

We have been comfortably producing clothing in sizes UK8-16 but lately, our smaller and larger size customer base have been growing and as we expand our size range, we are also compromising on the quantity of the other sizes.

What does that mean?

We have limited pieces of fabric (read here). For instance, if we have 15 pieces of a particular fabric, from being able to produce 3 pieces for each size (UK8-16), we now have to spread the 15 pieces across sizes UK6-18 or even UK20. That brings the quantity of each size down to 1 or 2 pieces only.

Sometimes, a piece of clothing will require 1.5 or 2 pieces of fabric to construct, and that will result in an even lower quantity count, and we might not be able to produce the full range of sizes. Hence, if you notice, some of our designs only come in a few sizes that we randomly picked.

Sometimes sometimessss we do not even have 15 pieces of fabric! and we end up assigning random sizes to that particular design.

So, if what you like comes in your size, you are lucky!

Here's another important fact:
Sizing is also one of our biggest concern while controlling our production quality.

If you read our second post here, you will know that every YeoMama Batik clothing is 100% handmade by a skilled seamstress. Like any other human being, we do make errors from time to time and these human errors are inevitable.

Some of you who came down to our boutique would have noticed that a particular design in size 10 may cut a little bigger or a little smaller than the other piece in the exact design. We do follow the international sizing standards but you know..this is the nature of 100% handmade clothing.

While we constantly check on our sizing, quality and workmanship, reminding our seamstresses to be as accurate as possible, we also sincerely seek your understanding on this matter (:

WITH THAT, I hope you guys will be ready for our launch tonight! It's not a massive collection, but there's pretty pieces in limited sizing and quantities (now you know why).

ps. and do you know we are officially launched on 22 Jan 2018? that makes us 5 months old tomorrow! yay! thank you for your lovely support!

With love,
(the very different in size) YeoMama & Daughter

June 21, 2018 — Desleen Yeo

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