Hello batikful people! Chinese New Year is coming up pretty soon, and by soon we mean this month! Have you gotten your CNY clothes yet? Fret not, we have a few ideas that you can twin for the win with your family!

#1 Prints

If your sharp eyes have noticed, we have both male and female pieces made from the same fabric such as Mississippi and Monstera/Bohemian Summer for male and female twinning; Flower Dome and Phoenix Paradise for some mother and daughter twinning. Sure, the print names can get a bit confusing, so we have the following example to illustrate what we meant!

 Look at how cute YeoMama and YeoDaughter look together! #twinningiswinning.

Okay lah, everyone has seen YeoMama and YeoDaughter twinning all the time. For something different, we’ll show how b a t i k f u l you, our customers, look in matching prints!

Celebrate the new year in our Blazing Phoenix print! 

How about raising your fortune up together in Rising Darkness?

#couplegoals in Olive Vanda! 

#2 Complimentary Colours

Twinning doesn't necessarily mean to wear only matching prints. Why not twin by colour scheme like greens, reds, and blues? Come, we’ll show you some examples.

Our customers look so batikful in their matchy-matchy outfits! Let's take a moment to appreciate how the dark green tones on our dungaree complements the green details of our men’s shirt!

The dark red brings out the red undertones and balances the pale colours of the shirt.

So down to earth with earthy colours like green and brown. Because there’s hints of green in the men’s shirt and in the cheongsam dress, they match really well don’t they?

#3 Cuttings

We know this one maybe a little bit out of the box, but why not twin with the same type of clothes but in different fabrics and prints? We have pieces such as our Taylynn Cheongsams in different prints, or our dungarees in three different colours.

You can confidently caption 'Squad Goals' on Instagram. Each print is made with different fabric like Cotton and Dobby.

Wakayama Cardigans can be bold and loud. But! Our customer wearing the Wakayama in Lemon Tart pulled it off looking more refined than ever!

Did you know that you can twin with your little ones as well? Here's a few matching sets that you can get for the whole family!

Your Jade Empire is not complete without your little one!

Start the new year auspiciously as a family in red!

Little boys can be batikful with our Little Batik Shirts too!

Bring in the fortune together in green!

Actually, you all are experts at twinning leh. This post shows it all!

How batikful it can be, when all the different batik pieces come together!

We can't wait to see more of your batikful photos during CNY. Tag us in your photos on Instagram @yeomamabatik!

Until then, stay batikful!

Written by Kimberly Tay

YeoKimChi of YeoMama Batik Team

January 07, 2020 — Kimberly Tay

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