A Special Front-Closure Collection
for Breast Cancer Warriors 

This edition of our inaugural Celebrate Life series marks the third Pinktober release since the debut of our 
Pink Dragons line in 2021. This time, we’ve turned up the style factor by reviving some all-time favourites such as our Lucito Crossback Overalls and Mika Wrap Dress, elevating them with fresh, specially designed pink batik prints. That's not all! Our linen Poofa Top, a recent star from our recent Phoenix collection, is taking the runway once more sporting a sweet new print that's bound to turn heads.

Poofa Top & Lucito Crossback Overalls

Front & Centre - Functionality Matters

In conversations with the breast cancer survivors who inspired our Pinktober special, we discovered that many experience limited mobility in their arms and shoulders, and some also even have swollen lymph nodes (a condition known as lymphedema). We’ve thus ditched the zippers and gone all-in on front closures, curating a selection that goes beyond fashion –– it’s also a statement of practicality and comfort! 

Bralettes and Batik - A Match Made in Pink


YeoMama Batik collaboration shoot with SLAP Dance Studio together with 9 breast cancer warriors.


This year, we’ve pushed the boundaries just a little more and joined forces with Our Bralette Club (OBC), taking our batik into the world of lingerie –– imagine three vibrant pink prints transformed into bralettes! And in true hyper-functional style, all designs come with a high-waisted reversible bottom; these pieces are so versatile that they can double up and moonlight as swimwear. Feeling adventurous and want to make a bold statement? Rock them with our pink batik overalls and outerwear for an extra fun look, just like our nine breast cancer warriors who embody empowerment and unapologetic fierceness in our latest ensemble (; 

Our Celebrate Life series launches on 10 October at 8 pm right on yeomamabatik.com, and 11 October from 12 pm in our studio. As always, 20% of the proceeds from this lineup will be dedicated to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation to support their incredible cause. 


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October 10, 2023 — YeoMama Batik

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