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Fashion met food met fancy footwork last Friday when we had our very first Batik Tea Party. Nestled within the lush greens of Dempsey, Hathaway played host to our batik lovers for the grand reveal of our revamped YeoMama Batik brand, as well as an exciting new collection. With the talented models from Breathe Dance Company making a special runway appearance, it was a warm and fuzzy celebration filled with happy faces, full tummies and endless laughter. 

5 years in, and it definitely has been a long, memorable ride… but it also feels like just a hot minute since YeoMama Batik was born. We could not be more thankful towards our supporters who have believed in us and lent us faith, positivity and so much love. And what better way to celebrate the precious community that has grown around our brand (on top of the connections forged with customers old and new) than a cosy get-together on our special half-decade milestone? (And we do love our parties!)


Southeast Asian Cuisine from Hathaway                           Southeast Asian Cuisine from Hathaway

We found ourselves gravitating towards Hathaway, and with their 
Southeast Asian-inspired flavours and toasty decor of wood and gold, it was instant vibes.

With gorgeous natural light pouring through the windows, their space was the perfect backdrop for our social mixer and launch. A beautiful menu matched the interior in equal splendour, and in an ode to connecting culture through food (and later, fashion), Hathaway served up afternoon tea to our thirty guests.

From delectable savoury dishes like Kai Kawlae, skewers of chicken coated in coconut curry and grilled to perfection on binchotan, to the delightful sweetness of the Princess of the Straits, a puteri salatserved alongside salted gula jawa ice cream, each culinary creation was a heartwarming treat for our taste buds (and very satisfied tummies)! 

Bathed in the afternoon’s golden glow, the restaurant was a stunning place tucked within a peaceful area… but the party inside was anything BUT –– y’know, in true YeoMama Batik style!


Breathe Teachers as Models for Batik Tea Party Phoenix Edition LaunchBreathe Teachers as Models for Batik Tea Party Phoenix Edition Launch

The models for our spanking new Phoenix Edition line were none other than the lady bosses and instructors from Breathe Dance Company. From pole to ballet, these women teach it all (for both adults and children), 
and it showed on the runway! They didn't just walk; they conquered the space like absolute legends, ditching the traditional catwalk for a full-on dance number instead.
Our Batik Tea Party was more than just an event; it was a celebration of everything before, and a preview of everything new to come –– including our latest collection. Versatile and timeless is the name of the game, with the pieces designed to suit all ages, body shapes and occasions. 
More on that soon, but for now –– we're still basking in the warm afterglow of our fifth anniversary… and sending so much love and gratitude to those who’ve danced with us on this incredible adventure.
Ciao for now,
YeoMama Batik
October 04, 2023 — YeoMama Batik

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