For those familiar with us, you’d know YeoMama Batik is a brand that thrives on introducing fresh collections, often alongside festive periods (which are fast and furious in our very diverse country). With that said, our pieces are all meticulously curated and usually planned well over a year in advance, while offering you a modern batik look for every season.

After a wild, beautiful ride since our Wander World series’ launch in November, the team indulged in quality time with family, friends, and sumptuous feasts. Amidst the celebrations, we also carved out moments for deep introspection… Yes, we are a very reflective label 😉 And we hope that sharing our downtime musings (and gratitude) brings us even closer to you!


♥ #1: Look, (YeoMa)ma, I’ve got friends!



Few brands are fortunate enough to experience the close bonds we share with our customers. Rather than a purely transactional relationship, our clientele warmly embrace us as cherished friends, eagerly sharing their CNY OOTDs — not just once, but year after year

Beyond that, it's not just about the outfits; it's about the stories behind them: We've had the privilege of witnessing their evolution in life — from couples to married partners, from welcoming their firstborns to navigating life's stages together. And just as we've been there to witness their amazing growth, they too have followed us in our own journey of evolution.


♥ #2: Our batik community has even gone global?! #batikbeyondborders



Our hearts swelled with even more warmth and gratification when we saw YeoMama Batik outfits travelling beyond Singapore’s shores, making appearances in celebrations from Malaysia to Australia and United States across the globe. 

For us as a business, this milestone marks a significant moment in our six-year journey. But as a brand deeply committed to spreading the joy of batik to all, it's an even prouder, more pivotal moment. Witnessing individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds embrace our feel-good ethos confidently expressing their unique batikful selves with YeoMama Batik pieces… We can only say it’s a very hopeful start to a global community united by our love for batik — a community without borders!

♥ #3: No frills – just a huge thank you.

It fills us with immense pride to see our customers donning our pieces — whether it’s during the festive season or otherwise. And as the celebrations draw to a close, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you — our incredible supporters and community. 

To us, the way our customers interact with us speaks volumes about the warm, familial atmosphere we've nurtured within the YeoMama Club, a reminder of the genuine connections we've built with our community 💖 Humbled by these moments, we are also deeply grateful for every member and 100% committed to continuing to foster a space where everyone feels valued, accepted, and truly at home.

Whether it's the kind messages sharing compliments you've received on your outfits, or your patience during any logistical hiccup, your unwavering support, generosity and feedback mean the world to us #keepthemcoming

And as we continue to push the boundaries by blending traditional batik with contemporary twists, know that we remain, and always will be, 

Batikfully yours.

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March 07, 2024 — YeoMama Batik

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