This spring, we’re taking a splash into another exciting adventure with
The Modest Edit, a collection that redefines traditional notions of covered fashion with a contemporary twist. Crafted from lightweight viscose fabric, these versatile pieces offer breezy, wearable comfort, allowing everyone to express their unique elegance while staying effortlessly cool and snazzy. 

“Modest” doesn't have to equate to “boring”,
”dull”,or “uninspiring”!

Desleen Yeo, Founder of YeoMama Batik

Covered styles are all about embracing modesty without compromising on style or creativity. It’s all about finding clothing that provides ample coverage while still exuding contemporary flair and individuality, ensuring you look and feel amazing.

Unveiling: The Modest Edit

We’re absolutely smitten with this series! 

We love its multi-functional nature and how it opens up a world of possibilities for creating distinct looks to express your confidence and individuality — boldly (or subtly)!


  • 9 stunning pieces, each boasting super flowy silhouettes — ranging from modish dresses to cosy long-sleeved tops, pants, skirts, and cardigan
  • 3 unique hand-stamped batik prints in enchanting dusky-sunset hues of pink and blue
  • The airy, flowy, and comfy viscose material that feels like a dream against your skin, ensuring you float through your day with ease and grace

Modesty, Redefined

A Fusion Of Bold Expression And Relaxed Simplicity: Featuring striking batik prints balanced by soft blues and pinks, The Modest Edit redefines the boundaries of modest fashion. Whether you're strolling through European streets in summer, conquering the boardroom, or exploring cultural landmarks that call for a touch more coverage, these satiny-light get-ups have got you cool, chic and covered — quite literally — all day long. 

Your Style, Your Way: Versatility reigns supreme with this collection! Whether you're feeling daring or a more understated vibe, create endless outfit combinations — rock them together for a coordinated look, or pair them with our basics for minimalistic style. 

Get playful: Experiment with textures, accessories, layers and as always, our favourite: colours and prints. There are countless ways to add a dash of personality and panache to your covered styles… 

… For where there’s a modest will, there’s a stylish way!


Ready to tip the boat and elevate your modest fashion game to new modern heights?
Shop the latest collection online here!

P.S. Wait, there’s more excitement coming your way!

Keep a lookout for the launch of our
Sekar Jagad Batik Scarves on March 26th, part of our Spring Collection! These beauties come in eight neutral, earthy tones, perfect for adding a touch of flair to your newfound covered style. They're also super practical — double them up as a headband or use them as table runners or couch accessories for the homebodies!

March 21, 2024 — YeoMama Batik

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