We firmly believe in colourful batik for all –

that everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin, and in any YeoMama Batik piece they choose to wear. However, we also understand that it can sometimes be challenging to find the perfect size, especially when shopping at boutique labels that don’t 100% conform to the standardisation of mass fashion brands, where every piece is machine-cut to precision. 


Ours are crafted with individuality in mind, which can make finding the right fit just a taaad bit trickier.

Exploration is also the name of the game when it comes to our prints, cuts, and designs. This means our customers are often spoilt for spoiled-for-choice, with a treasure trove of options to discover that perfect standout piece in the crowd. It also means we often receive enquiries about sizing and fit, given how our collections don’t quite fit the mould of your usual tees and jeans!

We answer the question we most often hear:

“Got my size?” (“Does this fit me?”)

The short answer is usually — yes! 

We are committed to offering an inclusive range of sizes that typically span from UK6 to UK20.

Given the variety of cuts our pieces come in, we take extra care to provide detailed dimensions for each item on our online store! This should give you a good gauge of whether a particular piece will complement your proportions. Measurements and sizing differ from product to product, so we always suggest checking the description for more specific guidance.

We answer the next question we also often hear:

“How to measure ah?”
(“How do I know what my measurements are?”)

For most outfits, nailing the perfect fit boils down to the holy trinity of measurements: the bust, waist, and hips! Measurements are key to finding the best fit, yet oftentimes overlooked by many. 

To make things snappy and simple, we've whipped up a handy guide that's as easy to understand as it is to follow — all you need is your trusty tape measure! For optimal results, strip down to your birthday suit (or something close) and stand in front of a mirror to ensure your measurements are spot on.

Check out our pro tips below for where to target each measurement. As always, every body is unique, so adjust as needed to ensure you’re measuring the widest part of each section.


Here are our top tips for measuring accurately:

The Bust

The Sweet Spot to Measure: 

Around the fullest part of your bust and back – yes, one full round!

Whip It Out: 

Wrap the tape measure under your armpit and glide it around the fullest part of your bust and across your back and shoulder blades. 

Pro Tip: 

Wear the bra that you’re planning to rock under the outfit for the most accurate measurement. 


The Waist

The Spot to Measure: 

Where your waist naturally dips in, somewhere between the belly button and the bottom rib cage. 

Whip It Out: 

Loop the tape measure around your front and back, and that's it — waist measurement, sorted. If you prefer your clothes a little looser, add a smidge more to the measurement.

Pro Tip: 

Unsure where the “right” part of the waist is? Simply do a gentle side-to-side bend, and where you spot the crease, that's where you should place the start of the measuring tape!

The Hips

The Sweet Spot to Measure: 

Across the widest part of your hips and buttocks

Whip It Out: 

Starting from one side of your hip, glide the tape measure over the widest part of your hips and buttocks and close the loop. 

Pro Tip: 

Like your bust, wear the undies or shapewear you'll be shimmying into under your YeoMama Batik piece for a flawless fit and measure! Remember to stand tall with your feet together, and keep the tape as snug and straight as possible against your skin.

You can also find our size guide here, or see below!
Size Bust Waist Hip
UK 6 31 - 33 24 - 26 34 - 36
UK 8 33 - 35 26 - 28 36 - 38
UK 10 35 - 37 28 - 30 38 - 40
UK 12 37 - 39 30 - 32  40 - 42
UK 14 39 - 41 32 - 34 42 - 44
UK 16 41 - 43 34 - 36 44 - 46
UK 18 43 - 45 36 - 38 46 - 48
UK 20 45 - 47 38 - 49 48 - 50

Our most important tip is for you to check each
product description for
guidance on size and fit, 
and remember to always
Be Batikfully Yeoself 

April 16, 2024 — YeoMama Batik

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