We don’t know how else to put this but… there’s no YeoMama Batik without YeoMama.

Read that again.

Mother’s Day is more than just a date on the calendar for us; it's a celebration that has a very special place in our hearts. Our brand was born from YeoMama’s desire to create fashion for every woman, regardless of size, age, or background.

Introducing the second season of Everyday Sparkle, our ode to mothers and mother figures everywhere. Designed to celebrate and honour the beauty of individuality of women from all walks of life... and all their faces AND phases (;


The Adventurous Explorer ♥

You’ve heard of fun dads – have you heard of fun mums?  

We all love that side of Mum when she lets her hair down, ditches The Practical Adult, and unleashes her inner wild child. Out pours the fountain of fun she tends to keep tucked away, and THIS MUM is a fountain of bubbly in whimsical, relaxed cuts.


Embrace when padding out her wardrobe, adding pieces that are fun-loving and carefree… While Mum’s fun side lasts 😉


YeoMama Batik’s Picks: Juno Jumpsuit, Talynn Dress

The Nurturing Mentor ♥

This is the side of Mum that helps you grow, as she imparts drops of wisdom and life lessons you never knew you needed… until you do. She's the one we turn to when the going gets tough, and who gently but firmly encourages us to be our true selves — and never change. 


Whether it's a classic dress or tailored separates, create sophisticated, timeless looks that reflect the one who has guided you with her sage advice and endless support.  Think tailored separates and chic dresses that mirror her wisdom and wit.


YeoMama Batik’s Picks: Yuna Dress in Edelweiss, Laura Top in Boysenberry

The Trusty Confidante ♥

This is the Mum we trust with our deepest secrets, the one who listens to our stories — from our first heartbreak to our last love story. This is the Mum we always have a safe space with for open conversations and heartfelt confessions, the one we turn to when we need a sounding board, or just a late-night cup of tea to be sipped in silence. This is the woman who tells us that she’s always there.


Look for casual, easy cuts that evoke a sense of breezy security and warmth, mirroring the comforting presence of this confidante mum. 


YeoMama Batik’s Picks: Halo Dress in Boysenberry, Laura Top and Toto Shorts in Lemon Squash

The Trendsetting Fashionista ♥

There’s something curious about mothers’ knack for casually throwing things together and making them work, including those mismatched cushions and throws on the sofa. The same applies to her ability to effortlessly put together stunning outfits, and it’s nothing short of magical when Mum steps out of her room looking like she's just walked off a runway.


Opt for fashion-forward styles to indulge her love for all things chic, paying homage to the woman who taught you to express your individuality with confidence. 

YeoMama Batik’s Picks: Noona Reversible Top and Kehlani Skirt in Pink Guava

 About the collection

This season, we're bringing you sweet pastels in a textured dobby cotton fabric. From everyday tops to maxi dresses and smartly cut shirts, our collection also offers more covered, sleeved options, or sleeveless styles for warmer weather. 
There’s a little something for everyone, and more than enough sparkle for all!

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May 01, 2024 — YeoMama Batik

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