The month of December has only just begun, and our hearts are already brimming with joy and full!

The recent finales of the Boutique Fairs and The Christmas Atelier have left us not just grateful but humbled and buzzing with festive spirit. With the unveiling of our latest Wander World Vol I: Live Colourfully collection, we took a leap of faith with daring, avant-garde prints. To our community who wildly embraced our pieces with open arms, and to those who visited one (or both!) fair(s) — thank you.

Amidst our bundles of nerves this season, three things filled us with more festive fuzzies:

1. A Collision of Connections

Our first Batik Tea Party revealed a community even more vibrant than the Christmas fairs’ glitz, gold and glamour. It reinforced our belief in the power of personal connections. Meeting our customers irl, engaging in real conversations, and putting faces to the names we've seen on our backend system time after time… It was a true joy. And this December was no different. We didn't just showcase batik; we had the privilege of bumping shoulders and talking batik with you, diving into your questions and feedback, and building what we anticipate to be very long-lasting relationships! 

2. Collaborations with Heart

This Christmas was also a grand showcase of our expanded range of batik accessories, but our pride goes beyond these extended offerings. What we loved more were the collaborations with local gems of brands like Pretty Poke Nails for their dazzling nail wraps, and engaging the bookbinding talents of individuals with disabilities from the SPD that added depth and purpose to our creations. 

3. Capes of Glory - 'Nuff Said

As the festive vibes linger (can they please stay forever?), brace yourself for the dazzle of our embellished capes that will 100% steal the spotlight! Each cape is a masterpiece, exquisitely handsewn to cast sparks of iridescent light with every graceful turn. More than just an accessory, these shoulder sparklers are a definite conversation starter, and even better, they are available for pre-orders until 25 Dec 2023. We promise you'll be Lunar New Year-ready and stunning in beads and sequins this 2024!

Pssst, ICYMI at the fairs, check out Vol I: Live Colourfully here, and our accessories range here.

We're bundling up in cosy, X'mas warmth, 
The YeoMama Batik Team

December 08, 2023 — YeoMama Batik

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