It's not always go big or go home with these vibrant prints


Mention the word “batik” and an image of someone decked out in colourful prints likely dances in your mind. But batik can bloom beyond the loom (we’re feeling unusually poetic today), emerging as distinctive statement pieces to brighten up any ensemble, whether in contrast to a solid or monochrome outfit or complementing another batik piece. 

Even in small doses, batik can be the loudest voice in the room thanks to their amazing detail. In collaboration with local brands Embrace Jewellery and Pretty Poke Nails, we’ve stretched the boundaries of batik, transforming it from fabric into exquisite accessories and nail wraps. Here are two alternative ways to add a pop of batik to your outfit!


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Batik unfolds into asymmetrical, intricately designed earrings, and charm necklaces that you can double up as bracelets, offering you multiple looks with a single accessory — perfect for switching up across various outfits! 

It’s all in the details: The phoenix (symbolising beauty and strength in batik) takes flight in your ears; the traditional batik kawung motif finds its place in round discs, ready to dance as earrings, or as pendants on a necklace.



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Ditch the salon queue and go for these easy-peasy, fuss-free nail wraps for a 15-minute manicure. DIY has never been this chic and simple — just three steps: Peel, stick, file! These wraps come off as effortlessly as they go on, staying gentle on your nails. The fortune cat and dancing dragon add a festive flair and are a definite conversation starter, and the kids might enjoy a game of "spot the animal" too!



Batik isn’t just the main event — 

it can also take life in your everyday moments as subtler expressions of style.


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December 30, 2023 — YeoMama Batik

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