Having breast cancer (or any other form of it) doesn’t mean your life comes to a standstill, or that you can never return to exercise –– we’re busting those myths today! We recently sat down with the women from BCF Paddlers in the Pink (BCF-PIP) and talked active living, life after cancer, and how cancer is not the maker of us.

BCF Paddlers in the Pink Team Spirt


For many, cancer can be a dark, lonely and scary place. From the day you receive the ugly news that you could never have been prepared for, you’d be hard-pressed not to be riddled with anxiety, doubts, insecurities and questions –– so many questions.

Finding peers who can completely understand the emotional turmoil you’d inadvertently experience can be challenging. And that is what the women in PIP found in one another, as each had undergone the same battle against breast cancer in their own ways.

These ladies discovered warmth and a support system in one another, building deep friendships through everyday activities like dragon boating, cycling, and visiting each other’s houses. Their friendship is only further deepened by an inherent mutual understanding from being breast cancer survivors.

BCF Paddlers in the Pink Hand in Hand


The friendships that we formed in the team are invaluable... we are also listening ears to each other.

| Evelyn Ong - Member of BCF-PIP



One myth surrounding cancer is the inability to return to any form of normalcy or active lifestyle. However, studies have proven that exercise poses so many benefits for people, including cancer patients –– during and after treatment (once your doctor gives the green light)!

Battling cancer is not just a physical fight; it is also a mental one, where the possibility of depression is very real. With physical and mental health being so closely correlated, and exercise being associated with feelings of psychological wellbeing, it really is a no-brainer why women choose to focus on keeping active for / after recovery!

DOPAMINE. ENDORPHINES. SEROTONIN. Our favourite happy words and hormones that physical activity triggers. And for the PIPs, every day of active and healthy living reinforces their strength and mental resilience. Every day is a chance to demonstrate that women living with breast cancer can continue to lead full, active lives –– and they are living testimony to that.

BCF-PIP Irene Chui ramping up on crunches!


We are all in the same one boat... attempting to finish strong in every way, the same way we conquered cancer.

| Irene Chui, Captain of Paddlers in the Pink
Breast Cancer Survivor of 18 years



Don’t say we never say (if you are a breast cancer survivor), but before you take our word for it, please talk to your doctor before commencing any type of activity. Above all else, listen to your body and work with your doctor and fitness coach on the kind and amount of exercise you are able to do. While we 100% support active living and a positive mindset and body during and post-treatment, safety comes first!


We'll continue to paddle as far as we can.

| Irene Chui, Captain of Paddlers in the Pink
Breast Cancer Survivor of 18 years


P.S. pink is more than just a pretty colour 

For the PIP ladies, NINJA by YeoMama’s #PinkDragons activewear is more than just a pretty set of athletic gear –– even though the range is really quite chio. It is a symbol of their survivorship, strength, and courage to bare something so intimately vulnerable to spread awareness, encouragement, and most of all –– hope. 


20% of net sales proceeds from the capsule collection of activewear will be donated to BCF.

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October 31, 2021 — YeoMama Batik

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